What's Armadillo?

Music Revolution

Imagine a world where music flows, where you donít have to spend hours creating playlists.

Then imagine that you donít need the internet to do this, that all you need is just one or two songs
on your computer that you know you feel like listening to.

As developers, we imagined all of this. And then we did something about it.

Armadillo Ė music to suit your mood, on demand.

Lightning fast playlist creation

You donít want to sit there waiting for a computer to generate a playlist for you - we understand that. Thatís why all of our unique, intelligent mood analysis happens on song import, so all the information is instantly available. The result is, when you click to create your mood from a few songs, your playlist is generated instantly.

Personal Mood Analysis

On import, each song is analysed thoroughly and a mood fingerprint is recorded.
But how you want your mood to be calculated is completely up to you!

Mood playlist matches are based on:

* Frequency window analysis
* Beats per minute
* Meta-tags
* Volume variance

But you can decide how important every element is to you, personally.

So whether youíre in the mood to have more songs added with a similar beat,
or whether youíre in the mood to branch out from your selected artists
and have less of these songs added, itís your call.

Self developed, intelligent programming

You canít solve a problem if you donít understand the tools youíll have to work with. All of our algorithms are self developed and we have very little reliance on third-party code or libraries, apart from the essential core GStreamer library.

The result of this meant we could implement innovative features with the greatest speed and efficiency possible! Volume equalisation and dynamic audio graph plotting are some prime examples of where our code really excels.