Armadillo (Linux installer) (6.47 MB)

Armadillo + GStreamer (Windows installer) (24.3 MB)

Armadillo (Windows installer) (6.62 MB)

User guide

View the user guide (pdf) here (1.07 MB).


Download the source code.

Click here to view the javadocs.


* Java SE 6 (32bit), at least update 1 (version 1.6.0_1 or later)

available from

* Gstreamer 0.10.10 or later, including gst-plugins-bad

Linux users can obtain GStreamer via their distribution's package management system.
Windows users can download the GStreamer installer here (9 MB) or use our Armadillo + Gstreamer installer which includes GStreamer for Microsoft Windows.
For more information see

System Requirements

The minimum system requirements are:

* A recent version of Linux, or Windows 2000 or later.
* 128MB of RAM
* 20MB of hard disk space
* A soundcard or integrated sound support

The recommended system requirements are:

* Ubuntu 9.10 or later, or Windows XP or later
* 1024MB of RAM
* 1GB of hard disk space
* 1.5GHz Dual-core CPU or better