About us

Armadillo was created whilst studying Computer Science at the University of Bristol, England. It was developed under a compulsory module on software engineering, which involved teams of around 6 students to conceptualise, design, implement, test and bring to market an application of their choice.

This was not a dissertation. Nor was it a masters thesis. This was
a bog-standard university module which we saw an opportunity to be innovative and genuinely produce an application that we, as developers, would love to use ourselves.

Armadillo was created by Steve Stotter, Tom Levitt, Kat Zień, Jon Finerty, Mark Tolley and Sup Sapatnekar. The dynamics of our group meant we could all focus on our strengths - a great mix of creative and technical talents helped Armadillo to take the form you see as today.

We are proud to announce that Armadillo won the IBM Best Second Year Group Project 2010 prize.


We always welcome questions, new ideas, techniques and bug reports to improve Armadillo, so please get in contact with us!

For general enquiries,

email info[at]armadillomusic[dot]org

For bug reports,

email bugs[at]armadillomusic[dot]org